An interesting blog post on ethnic identity in Burundi… the unfinished business of Hutu-Tutsi relationships.

This Burundian Life

By Rita Siohban

Can we be honest about the ghosts of our past?

The recent political turmoil rocking our country lately seems to have brought up old ethnic commentary not seen since the end of the war. Granted, we’re at a much better place than we ever were in terms of ethnic relations but some touchy subjects have old wounds resurface and maybe bring in vague awareness that a bit of healing is still needed.

Reading through the inter-web comments over the last few weeks, I’m not so sure we’re as “moved on” as we’d like to think we are.

Have we really addressed the reasons why there was so much hatred to begin with? Or is it better to just let old dogs lie and continue on as the new generation is less burdened by our painful past?

How did ethnicity shape any of us, if it ever did?

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