On Thursday 3rd March, I have a literary event at the Payot Rive Gauche and will be on hand to sign books and talk to all interested readers/ fellow writers about my novel; ‘The Disobedient Wife’, a book set in Tajikistan in the former USSR, where I lived from 2006-2009.  disobedient_cover-draft-6

The book is essentially a well written, fast-paced story about two very different people, a British diplomat’s wife, Harriet, and her maid Nargis, an intelligent, brave woman who is a figure of scandal in her community.  Her ex-husband, a brutally violent, immensely stupid immigrant, works in Russia.  He retains custody of her baby and she struggles to lift herself out of poverty with an addict parent, two children in need of school fees and unemployed family members to take care of.  Harriet struggles with inner demons, the confusion of a life lived on the move, and the loneliness of life as an expat trophy wife.

The book is a vivid portrayal of life in the former USSR, describing the natural beauty of the mountains, as well as the swirling undercurrents of criminality and corruption that underpin life in the Republic of Tajikistan.


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