Book Review: Fish Net by Kirstin Innes


Here is my goodreads review of Fish Net, a novel about the sex trade in Glasgow by Kristin Innes…

Things I liked:

Excellent writing, interesting contrasts between the blog posts by prostitutes, and the public and private life of the main character, Fiona. I enjoyed the office descriptions – I am sure most people have experienced the gray boredom of temping – and liked the various twists and turns of the story that kept me hooked to the end. Innes has a masterful grasp of language, with moments of originality in her prose. I loved her use of Scottish in dialogue: the Glaswegian in the narrative. I liked her change of heart vis-a-vis the sex work trade, the constant questioning of assumptions about power, vulnerability and choice.

Things I felt could have been better:

If I have any criticisms, there are only two – I would have liked more internal narrative from the point of view of some of the more interesting characters, as I did not find Fiona’s inner thoughts/ sexual misadventures all that compelling (until right at the end). I also felt that the ending was a rush job, I sensed the author racing to finish, tie it up with a pretty bow and start her next project. I felt like saying, stop! Put the brakes on, Fiona has just got interesting! All in all, recommended for anyone with an interest in a gritty novel that does not flinch from examining the sex trade in all its stark glory and contradiction.

4/5 Stars

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